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Widespread Applications Of Stainless Steel Patta

Posted by Admin on December, 01, 2021

When blocks of iron with a chromium content of at least 11 per cent, are gathered together it is called stainless steel patta. Treating iron by gathering it in this way enhances its properties of heat resistance and is also safe from the heat. This form of iron gathering also makes it rustproof. Other than chromium, stainless steel of other types also contains molybdenum, titanium, nickel, silicon, niobium, aluminium, copper, nitrogen, selenium, carbon and sulphur.

The solidarity of stainless steel is insured from erosion. As per the Wholesale Stainless Steel Patta Supplier, the low maintenance of these stainless steel makes this material an ideal choice for applying it for different purposes. Stainless steel possesses a life cycle of an elongated period and is 100 per cent recyclable.

Application of Stainless Steel Patta

Food and Catering: Stainless steel patta had been used in the industry of food and catering extensively. The stainless steel can be applied appropriately for carrying food products safely and easily. Hence the stainless steel patta is demanded in bulk by the food and catering people. This stainless steel patta is also applied in manufacturing cutlery, cookware and various other kitchen appliances.

Stainless steel patta is highly recommended for the purpose of storing food without affecting the taste or damaging the food. This material is very helpful for food which has a tendency of getting acidic. The stainless steel patta is very important for the production of ice cream as it needs anti-bacterial cleaning products.

Medical: Stainless Steel patta is one of the best materials used in the medical environment
since it can be sterilised very easily and the material is highly resistant to getting rusted and corrosion. Stainless steel patta is very much used for manufacturing regular use equipment used in surgery. Even for the plates used in fixing broken bones, doctors rely on stainless steel plates only. Stainless steel is also used in appliances like steam sterilises X-ray scanners and MRIs and various other stuff of similar kind.

Architecture and Construction: The features of adaptability, solidarity and conservation from erosion has made the use of stainless steel patta highly approved in the architecture and construction sector as well. This material is used in cladding in huge structures outside a building, handrails, backsplashes and ledges in the interiors of a construction. Wholesale Stainless Steel Patta Supplier in India meets a significant share of demand from this sector.

Automotive and Transportation: Stainless steel patta is used in car grills and exhausts. Using this material is safer for transporting food products, chemicals, medicines etc. The strength possessed by this material results in saving fuel in lighter containers whereas the resistance minimises the cleaning and the maintenance cost.

Trade and Commerce

There are several stainless steel manufacturer who is also engaged as Wholesale Stainless Steel Patta Supplier in Delhi. It comes with a thickness of about 200 millimetres, a length of about 2000 millimetres and a width of about 150 millimetres. These manufacturers claim that their products are applicable for the construction and other purposes of automotive and engineering work. They also ensure that the stainless steel patta produced are of lightweight and superior finish.

They cater to different customer requirements such as logistics and flexible modes of payments.


Stainless steel patta is safeguarded from corrosion and rusting because of the presence of chromium in its alloy. The uninvolved film of chromium shields the material inside and hide it from rusting and any kind of assault.

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