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Reasons Why Stainless Steel Coils Are Popularly Used?

Posted by Admin on June, 28, 2019

Stainless steel is considered as the most versatile and durable metal which offers a high strength along with complete resistance against rust at an affordable price range. The metal is also popular due to its properties like ductility and malleability and easy compound forming option allowing it to quickly gain a desired shape or state with other metals without much hassle.

There are several stainless steel coils supplier in India who supply an extensive assortment of products made up of stainless steel meant to meet the requirements and needs of the customers. These steel products are available in a grey range or series including the 200, 300, and 400 series products.

Why is stainless steel coil widely used?

Well, the prime reason why stainless steel coils primarily opt these days is due to its properties. Steel does not get corroded easily or get affected due to rusting. The stains on the surface of steel due to water exposure can be wiped off easily without much hassle, unlike other metals which require unique treatments to remove the stains.

Although carbon steel gets impacted by rust, it is exposed to air and moisture, in case of stainless steel it does not happen. It is because stainless steel has a special covering layer on top protecting with from all sorts of exposures.

The SS coil suppliers in India are mushrooming due to the growing demand for it. Stainless steel based products are demanded mainly applications in areas like aerospace, defence, chemical processing, oil, and gas industry, in the field of electrical energy, for the manufacture of medical automotive, equipment used for the preparation of food, various types of appliances, mining, transportation and also in electronic gadgets.

Types of Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel coils are made up of high alloy steel which owns a higher resistance to corrosion compared to the other types of steel.

It is because it contains a high amount of chromium, which makes it an ideal material with resistance towards water, air, and moisture. The structure of these could be defined as crystalline. Based on that structure, the steel can be broadly divided into three basic types, namely -

Ferritic Steel

Austenitic Steel

Martensitic Steel

Application of Stainless Steel Coils

Coming to the creation of these stainless steel coils, the hot rolled steel coils are manufactured at a temperature over 1000°F. The steel coil processed using this method has a bluish-grey finish, which has a rough texture.

This steel can configure itself during the process of cooling, helping the finished product to own a higher strength. This type of steel coil is more malleable and can be made in different kinds of shapes easily.

The cold rolled stainless steel coils are processed at room temperature. They are known for immense strength with a gray finish and smooth texture. You can choose for the right type of coils from any wholesale stainless steel coils suppliers citing to your requirements and preferences

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